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B i o g r a p h y

Born in Hackney, East London in 1968 to parents. One male the other female.  Mother was a sand fairy and Dad was a guitar-playing, Brylcream wearing guitarist of the human variety.  It's little wonder then that I grew up as I did. A musical fairy! My grandmother had no noticeable artistic talent whatever (except for being just utterly scatty!) Grandpops, although not a professional, had the most beautiful lyrical tenor voice.


Of course I didn't stay a little fairy for long - I eventually grew up to be the Grand Damme I am now. Yet any pretentions I had of becoming the next Maria Callas were short lived -  I turned into a bloke: A proper bloke. A big, hairy, fast car loving, deep voiced, beer and gin swilling bloke. Who also happened to love showtunes! Fabulous darling!


Although my early forays into keyboard playing were on the bucket basement models of Bontempi and Casio, I have for the majority of my adult life been a devotee of Yamaha keyboards. I did have a brief affair with a Technics, but then came Tyros. And that was that: I was hooked. I now play the wonderful Tyros 4. The Tyros 5 was released January 2014. I'll get one eventually.

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